Keeping Up With The Trends: How Do I Catch Up?

The fashion and beauty world, my friend, is very, very finicky. With fashion and beauty trends changing every day, it’s getting more and more difficult to keep pace with these new developments. For instance, a contouring method or a piece of clothing that everyone raves about today might be discarded and called terrible tomorrow!

So what do fashion consultants, designers, beauty influencers and experts do in such a scenario? How do they keep up? Don’t worry, we have some answers for you:

Go to fashion shows

No matter how many books you read and how many YouTube beauty tutorials you watch, it’s important to be there right where the action happens. Go to fashion weeks and follow them avidly. Not only will you witness the collections of different designers first-hand, but you will also be in the midst of experts who have insider knowledge of the industry. Watch what’s hot on the runway and pay attention to the recurring colors and shapes that grace the runways. This is particularly important because these designs will be watered down to make them appropriate for everyday wear, but the shapes and the colors will remain the same and become the trends of tomorrow.

Attend conferences

Right now, there might be a number of conferences happening for, perhaps, fashion consultants in Las Vegas, or exclusively for designers in Dubai. Every year, there are also many international fashion, apparel and beauty conferences that bring together experts from these industries under one roof. These are the knowledge hubs where discussions on the latest trends take place and where industry watchers forecast the developments to come. So being a part of these conferences gives you a very unique advantage!

Read magazines and blogs

Rather than just getting all your information from social media feeds of other influencers, beat them at their own game by taking inspiration from international fashion and beauty magazines. Follow professional fashion and beauty bloggers who actually go to fashion, retail and beauty industry events and have insider information on a host of topics. Place your trust in the right sources and you’re good to go. These are just some of the ways through which you can keep a track of all the trends before they go mainstream! Along with this, if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and are passionate about knowing what’s new in the fashion, apparel and beauty world, then attend FABcon Las Vegas, 2020.