4 Imperative Reasons

Why You Should Attend The Event

With an aim to create unique opportunities which empower attendees to tap into the massive potential of global fashion, apparel and beauty industry, FABcon discusses ideas, researches, and practices to revolutionize the face of this industry.


Get an opportunity to network with your peers, industry experts, thought leaders, and trendsetters.



Seek valuable insights from knowledgeable speakers who shed light on crucial subjects pertaining to the industry.


First-Mover Advantage

Building fashion, apparel and beauty brands of the future.



An opportunity to get recognized at a global platform for your unparalleled contributions to the industry.


Here's what FABcon has in store for you!

Individuals, Businesses, and Institutes

Who Can Benefit From The Conference

FABcon is a fashion, apparel and beauty conference that covers the latest advancements in the industry, while also offering a common platform to learn, network, grow, and build relationships. Although the theme of the conference is such that everyone can gain insights from it, there are certain profiles, institutions, and establishments which will greatly benefit from this forum.

Fashion & Beauty Influencers

Step into the world of transformative ideas and ground-breaking content.


Get an insight into the future of retail and learn the strategies of turning it into your advantage.

Thought Leaders

Be a part of a conference which stimulates new thinking and offers a unique opportunity to network.


Learn the ways of up-scaling your business and establishing your brand.

Fashion & Beauty Institutes

Establish connections with industry experts and explore possibilities present in the market.

Fashion Consultants

Get an opportunity to meet like-minded people and expand your business network.

Prism Events on
the News

Co-chairs of Prism Event’s health care conference IFAH, Raghib Khan and Faisal Abidi, were invited by Jeff Maher on his daily morning show ‘Wake Up with the CW’ to discuss their endeavors in exploring new technologies in the realm of health care. They explained the ideas which drive the conference and the efforts which are being channelized towards making it a memorable experience for attendees. The show was broadcast on live television and aired on News3LV NBC, Las Vegas.